Sales order automation: How does it work?

The way your business manages and responds to customer orders is critical. The main reason for losing customers to the competition is the inability of many companies to meet their needs on time. Therefore, attending and processing our customers’ orders in an agile and efficient way is a key factor.

As we have mentioned in previous posts, in general, customers send their sales orders through email, via EDI, fax, or through a portal, although there are still customers who still send their orders on paper. Having to manually process these orders in our ERP takes a lot of time, a lot of staff, can lead to errors (like any manual task), and makes it more difficult to detect duplication.

Having a solution that processes and automates customer sales orders in any format, and that adapts to the criteria and specifications of each customer, can be a differentiating factor for our company. This is exactly what it does OpenText VIM, Solutions Beyond Invoice, the tool that currently goes beyond supplier invoices, and is capable of processing and automating any type of document, including sales orders (OpenText VIM Order to Cash in its latest version, previously Solution for Incoming Sales Orders). This solution, together with its OCR, Intelligent Capture for SAP Solutions by OpenText and its machine learning technology, optimize the capture process and automate the processing of our order data.

OpenText VIM Order to Cash will transform your sales order management process, achieving:

  • The automatic creation of sales orders in your SAP ERP, without manual intervention by the user
  • Reduce errors due to automatic data extraction
  • The total elimination of paper processes for a total automation of the process
  • An automatic detection of duplicates
  • Significantly reduce process time, improving delivery times and customer relations
  • Greater visibility and monitoring through VIM’s own reports

Do you want to know more? Here’s our on-demand webinar, where we go over and demonstrate this tool in more detail.

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