VIM 7.6 SP6 and 20.4 SP6 Improvements

VIM, which continues to position itself as the market-leading solution for inbound document management (invoices, sales orders, order confirmations, quotations, delivery notes and payment advices) and process automation in SAP, presents its new version for both SAP ECC and S/4HANA.

What are the relevant new features of OpenText VIM in this new version?

VIM includes the following solutions:

  • Invoice Solution.
  • Foundation.
  • Solution Beyond Invoices.

Solution is the solution for both SAP ECC and S/4HANA to automate the processing of vendor invoices in SAP. The main new features of the new version are:

  • A new data migration utility is provided to facilitate the upgrade to the latest version for customers already using the central electronic mapping utility.
  • An enhanced PDF display function has been introduced via SAP Smart Forms, which allows the display of data from XML input files.
  • In the context of Polish invoices, the KSeF reference number and the date of acquisition are now recorded and presented in the DP indexing screen of VIM together with SAP Document and Reporting Compliance.
  • SAP has extended the eDocument response functionality to support country-specific reject codes, e.g. Peppol reject codes, Italy codes, etc.
  • For invoices from Italy, the Article Reference Number (ARN) is supported on VIM invoices.
  • “Redo role resolution” utility for existing workflows.
  • Leasing invoices are now supported in applications: Invoice Solution Fiori Apps, Enter Cost Assignment Advanced, Approve Invoices and My Approved Invoices.

VIM Solutions uses the functions provided by the base component VIM Foundation.

VIM Foundation consists of the following components: Input, Processing, Workplace and Analytics. The most important new features of this component in the new version are:

  • Extraction of documents in Arabic is supported.
  • Availability of the Central Electronic mapping utility to support the processing of any electronic document.
  • Enhancements to IES Extraction Analytics with new KPIs:
    • Improved field calculation logic, allowing to have metrics based on mandatory fields.
    • New IES analytical tables at position level for advanced extraction calculations.
    • Same entry point with extraction analytics without having to have an individual node in VIM Central Workplace.
    • Improvements in the Fiori and Framework components.
    • The determination of the entity based on additional information from SAP and its display in Fiori Capture Validation has been improved.
    • The load management of Intelligent Capture for SAP has been optimised.

Solution Beyond Invoices is the solution to automate the processing of all types of incoming documents in SAP (not only vendor invoices), and consists of:

  • Procure to Pay Solutions
    • Order Confirmation
    • Delivery Note
    • Quotation
  • Order to Cash Solutions
    • Sales Order
    • Remittance Advice

The new version includes these improvements in terms of sales order processing:

  • New processes have been implemented for the automatic determination of delivery date delivery time data and the calculation of the net value from the amount and quantity.
  • It is possible to use the bill of material (BoM) in the items.
  • After entering a one-time customer in the sold-to or ship-to fields, it is possible to manually enter all customer information in the corresponding fields.
  • It is possible to process electronic orders according to Peppol specifications and standards.
  • A new view is added to the IES Extraction Dashboard as a node in the Work Center Incoming Orders.

With these enhancements outlined in the product release notes, the combination of VIM and Capture solutions together with a robust input framework, processing and user interface, adds to SAP ECC and S4, all the capabilities and functions necessary for the efficient processing of incoming business documents.

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