OpenText Exstream: automate HR documentation

Every day, the human resources department of any organization must deal with a large number of requests that end up being documented on the basis of repetitive text structures.

The generation of this amount of documents, whose information comes from different origins, must no longer be generated manually from static templates, but must be generated dynamically and automatically.

Therefore, the support of the organization in a powerful document generation system is key to generate documentation efficiently and effectively without errors and in an agile manner, allowing human resources personnel to concentrate on other fundamental tasks.

Reaching this level of automation requires a sophisticated product that can retrieve information from a wide variety of sources and deliver it in a multitude of formats and channels (PDF, DOCX, eMail, SMS, etc.).

OpenText Exstream: the solution for automatic document generation

At Brait, we are experts in the implementation of Exstream for OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors, the document generation system of the leading company in the field of document managvement, OpenText, connected with the main HR management provider in the cloud, which covers all the needs of the human resources document flow.

OpenText Exstream allows to speed up the construction deployment and updating of a huge number of templates by allowing object-oriented development, which means that a large amount of resources can be reused in those where necessary.

Some of the more interesting features provided by OpenText Exstream are as follows:

  • Document saving in the employee’s workspace: since much of the generated documentation may be of direct interest to the employee or HR administrators, the system allows saving it within their Business Workspace in a predefined location associated to the document type.
  • Document generation permissions:to preserve the privacy of the information generated in the document, it is possible to restrict the generation of each type of document to specific groups, roles or users.
  • HR events: steps in SAP SuccessFactors workflows can be processed as HR events, e.g., when relocating an employee. In this step, HR would receive the task to generate the corresponding document and store it in the employee’s workspace.
  • Dynamic text blocks: Exstream not only fills in information retrieved within the document itself but can also set up rules for inserting text blocks. This allows the content of the document to vary according to defined conditions.
  • Formatters: it is well known that, sometimes, the external system does not return the information in the format you would like. Exstream allows you to develop formatters to give the final aspect to any value you can imagine: a date, a name, a number, etc.
  • Multi-channel information delivery: not only can we download documents generated in the system or in the workspace, but we can also deliver the generated information via email or SMS.

In addition, the product offers some flexibility to extend its capabilities by developing scripts.

If you think that all these functionalities could complement your current OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors integration, it is important to know that this product is included in the license, so you only need to install it and start configuring it. Our consultants will be able to guide you so that you can get the most out of it while minimizing costs.

If you don’t have OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors but you are still interested in OpenText Exstream, contact us and we will tell you about all possible scenarios.

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